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Excellent turn-based combat. banner
mod 10

Excellent turn-based combat.

Turn-based games may not be as popular anymore, but they will continue to be passed down for eternity, like a flickering star in the sky or a twinkling firefly. In this legacy, there are always some great works that shine brightly for this land of turns, bringing moments of beauty and appreciation together.
hand-drawn style banner
mod 10

hand-drawn style

A game with excellent art design is immediately attractive at first glance, and hand-drawn visuals are especially captivating. The meticulous strokes and attention to detail showcase the creator's dedication, manipulating light and shadow to present the most spectacular scenes. They have completed this masterpiece with each stroke on the screen, and it awaits your own contributions as you play.
Above the riddle. banner
mod 10

Above the riddle.

Whether flipping through books or embarking on adventures, there are always mysteries hidden in those seemingly insignificant corners. To unravel them, it takes not only exceptional wisdom but also keen insight to discover key clues from hidden traces. The puzzle lies on top, while the solution lies beneath, and this card filled with enigmas awaits you to uncover from bottom to top.
The greater the setback, the stronger the comeback! banner
mod 8

The greater the setback, the stronger the comeback!

There are always many peaks standing there, making people hesitate, but there are always people who want to challenge the wind. When you think what is impossible becomes possible, when you think what is not worth it becomes worth it, the moment of winning the crown, the sense of achievement will fill your whole body. Why climb the peak? Because the mountain is there!
Overclocked CPU. banner
mod 11

Overclocked CPU.

Thinking and brainstorming always have their benefits, but it is not a simple task. Especially when facing the logical maze, our brain functions like a high-speed CPU. Can you challenge all the mind puzzles ahead?
Adventure RPG. banner
mod 11

Adventure RPG.

In the adventure RPG game, you will play as a brave adventurer, exploring the mysterious world, battling, and discovering treasures. The next encounter is completely unknown, but that's what makes it so interesting - that's why it's called an adventure RPG!
Make the most of your time banner
mod 6

Make the most of your time

If you feel like you have too much time on your hands or are too bored, why not try the following games, and then you'll be asking yourself "Where did all the time go?"
Girl, oh girl. banner
mod 7

Girl, oh girl.

Girl, oh girl, you have a thousand ways to be, from battling on the battlefield, fighting zombies, and being a mercenary, to experiencing school life, falling in love, and yearning for change, whichever it may be, you are just so lovable!
Ordinary and happy~ banner
mod 8

Ordinary and happy~

In the world, there are many great figures, but ultimately it is not you or me. In this vast sea of people, many are like floating grass, insignificant in the world. However, even so, we can still have our own unique life. Even if destined to be ordinary, we can still find happiness in it. It is so simple, it is so joyful.
Diverse adventures. banner
mod 9

Diverse adventures.

Adventure is a risky behavior, but it is also an activity full of fun. The unknown ahead and the decisions behind us are stimulating us, eager to explore and discover. Each adventure journey displays different joys continuously. Would you like to experience the fun of each adventure here one by one?
cosplayer banner
mod 8


In reality, most people are just ordinary. If given another chance in a game, I would like to be reborn as a heroic character and encounter an epic story.
A piece of passion. banner
mod 1

A piece of passion.

The majority of behaviors in the world are motivated by seeking rewards, but there are also some actions that are done without expecting anything in return. On the Internet, we call this "doing it for the love". As a result, multiple versions of a game are born in the hands of those passionate gamers, who painstakingly recreate a gaming world, using their own hands to bring joy to more people, all for the sake of their love for the game!


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